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We have always worked closely with our clients to make sure they are totally satisfied and have the greatest memories of their functions, events and celebrations.

Jerry Garcia 2022 edit1C  png_pp PD01 Orange  LR.jpg
Jerry Garcia
Published International Photographer & Videographer / Director & Founder

Nikon Z7II / Photography & DSLR Video
Canon  EROS R5 / Photography & DSLR Video
Canon 4K Video 
Godox  MagMod Diffusers
Lens: Nikon, Nikkor
Post Production: Adobe Photoshop , Lightroom , Portrait Pro 18 , Portrait Pro Body

star imaging team

Stevn Dev Lozada pic 1_pp.jpg

Stevn De Lozada

Star Imaging Staff Photographer

That Look Models  Executive Director / Founder Model & Artist Management 

SJFW Executive Director / Founder | Fashion Industry Trade Show & Producers


Canon 1D Mark IV / Photography & DSLR Video

Canon 5D Mark II Full Frame / Photography & DSLR Video

Canon EOS Rebel T6 / 1300

Godox Propac PB960

Lens: Canon / Sigma / Yongnuo

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